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How it works

Welcome to the 100 Days of SwiftUI! This is a free collection of videos, tutorials, tests, and more, all drawn from around my work here on Hacking with Swift, and all designed to help you learn SwiftUI effectively.

It’s aimed squarely at beginners who want to learn to build real iOS apps, but struggle to find a good, free course that can help them achieve their goals. If that’s you, welcome – I hope you’re ready to show the iOS world what you’re made of!

If you’re looking for my original 100 Days of Swift, click here – 100 Days of SwiftUI and 100 Days of Swift both share the same 15-day introduction to Swift, but then one focuses on SwiftUI whereas the other teaches UIKit, SpriteKit, and more.

PS: If you have questions, ask me – I’m here to help!



If you want to make a success of this course, there are only two rules:

  1. Every day you spend one hour reading or watching SwiftUI tutorials, or writing SwiftUI code.
  2. Every day you post about your progress to the social media site of your choosing. Tell people!

I’ll be providing all the material you need to follow along, so all you need to do is show up ready to learn.

I’ve tried to make sure it definitely takes less than one hour to complete each day, so if you have some experience with Swift you’ll hopefully find you can complete each day well under that target.



I’ve met so many who have tried and failed to learn Swift, often multiple times, and if you’re here there’s a good chance you’ve already had a few false starts already.

Not this time. This time you’re going to learn it for real, and in just 100 days you’ll have built several full apps that you can be proud of.

You’ve already read the two rules of these 100 days, but to maximize your chance of rocking this course I have a few tips:

  1. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t charge ahead thinking you’re “learning faster”, because there’s a high chance you’ll get lost. Take your time!
  2. Don’t fall prey to shiny object syndrome. The lure of spending $50 on another course is high, I know, but you don’t learn anything by buying books. Your best chance of success is sticking with the 100 days shown here and really make it work.
  3. Don’t lone wolf it. You aren’t learning by yourself – I’m here to help as are many others. If you have questions, tweet me at @twostraws and I’ll do my best to help!
  4. Use the consolidation days. These are spaced throughout the 100 days to give you time to review what you’ve learned and make it really sink in. Use them to go back over days you weren’t sure about, complete any homework you missed, or just do some free coding.
  5. I have a glossary of common Swift terms that you should bookmark for easy reference.
  6. If you get stuck with some SwiftUI code, you should refer to my free online book SwiftUI by Example – it has over 300 pages of sample code and solutions for SwiftUI.
  7. Download my Unwrap app from the App Store. It works on iPhone and iPad, contains the first 12 days of this course plus lots of bonus activities, and is free with no in-app purchases.
  8. SwiftUI is very new, and occasionally gives you error messages that are misleading or downright wrong. If you’re finding it hard, don’t worry – you’ll get there!
  9. You do not need to install Catalina to build apps with SwiftUI. Catalina gives the ability to have instant previews of your designs without running in a simulator, but you can still build SwiftUI apps just fine with Mojave.

The Course

Days 1-12: Introduction to Swift

The first 12 days provide a gentle warm up for your SwiftUI learning as we cover all the fundamentals of the Swift programming language. You’ll watch about a selection of one-minute videos every day, and complete short quizzes about each of those videos.

If you have already completed my 100 Days of Swift you can skip these first 15 days because they are the same.

  • Day 1 – variables, simple data types, and string interpolation
  • Day 2 – arrays, dictionaries, sets, and enums
  • Day 3 – operators and conditions
  • Day 4 – loops, loops, and more loops
  • Day 5 – functions, parameters, and errors
  • Day 6 – closures part one
  • Day 7 – closures part two
  • Day 8 – structs, properties, and methods
  • Day 9 – access control, static properties, and laziness
  • Day 10 – classes and inheritance
  • Day 11 – protocols, extensions, and protocol extensions
  • Day 12 – optionals, unwrapping, and typecasting


Days 13-15: Consolidation I

You just learned a lot about Swift in only 12 days, so before we continue it's important you reflect on what you've learned: look for weak spots, re-watch videos, re-take tests, and so on, until you feel comfortable that you have mastered all the Swift language fundamentals covered in days 1-12.

  • Day 13 – Swift review, day one
  • Day 14 – Swift review, day two
  • Day 15 – Swift review, day three


Days 16-24: Starting SwiftUI

Now that you’ve mastered the basics of Swift, in these days you’ll start building real SwiftUI apps using what you learned.

  • Day 16 – Project 1, part one
  • Day 17 – Project 1, part two
  • Day 18 – Project 1, part three
  • Day 19 – Challenge day
  • Day 20 – Project 2, part one
  • Day 21 – Project 2, part two
  • Day 22 – Project 2, part three
  • Day 23 – Project 3, part one
  • Day 24 – Project 3, part two