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DAY 58

Project 12, part 2

Today we’re going to push into more advanced SwiftData techniques – the things that really set apps apart when it comes to functionality and usefulness. Some of these will take a little time to learn, particularly because as we push more into SwiftData you’ll start to see how it relies heavily on macros.

Stick with it! As Maya Angelou said, “all great achievements require time” – it will take some work to understand all that SwiftData is doing for us here, but it will pay off and I feel confident you’ll enjoy using SwiftData and SwiftUI together in your apps.

Today you have three topics to work through, in which you’ll learn about NSPredicate, changing fetch requests dynamically, creating relationships, and more.

At one point you’ll see me say you’ve reached a good point and can move on to the next tutorial, but if you continue beyond that point we’ll explore some more advanced topics. To be quite clear, the extra work is optional: please don’t do it if you’re tight on time, or just want to get the fundamentals down.

Make sure and share your progress with others – it helps keep you focused, plus you’ll meet other folks who are also learning!

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