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Hacking with Swift: Live!

August 2nd-4th 2021 – Online

If you like Hacking with Swift, you'll love Hacking with Swift Live! This is an online iOS event covering everything new from WWDC21 plus a variety of core skills and techniques, all packed into three days of learning.

Even better, all profits go to charity!


We're going to cover as many of Apple's new frameworks as we can, diving deep with real-world examples and thorough explanations.


While following along with the workshops, you'll have stacks of hands-on coding challenges to solve that improve your skills and solidify your learning.


Meet old friends and make new ones, online – Hacking with Swift is a friendly, welcoming, and inclusive community where everyone can take part.


All profits will go to charity. Yes, really. Come and build your Swift skills, meet new folks, and help make a difference to those who need it.

About the Event

Although coronavirus still stops us from meeting in person, we're not going to let that stop us: Hacking with Swift Live is back for another year, and still sending all our profit to charity!

Our goal is to bring people together from around the world to learn, network, make friends, and share our love of programming. More importantly, we believe in helping build others towards their own success, which is why all profits from the event go to charity – over $70,000 and counting!

Platinum Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

Individual Sponsors

Big Mountain Studio
Digital Accessibility Centre
Marc Aupont

If you would like to join our event, reach a wide range of iOS developers from the UK, Europe, and beyond, and help support charity all at the same time, we would love to have you sponsor Hacking with Swift Live.

Please email and we can send you our sponsor pack.

Key Info

Here's the least you need to know:

  • Dates: 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of August 2021. All are full days, with workshops running from 9am to 4pm US Eastern time.
  • Location: All talks will be streamed live on video, with questions being addressed on the stream but also in Slack.
  • Accessibility: Every attendee will be given a complete PDF of the material, so they can follow at their own pace or use screenreaders.

Sponsor Packages

If you would like to join our event, reach a wide range of iOS developers from around the world, while also helping support charity, we would love to have you sponsor Hacking with Swift Live!

Please email and we can send you our sponsor pack.


Code of conduct: We strongly believe that everyone should feel welcome to attend Hacking with Swift Live without fear of discrimination, harassment, or abuse. As such, we have a code of conduct and we expect all attendees to play their part in creating a welcoming, encouraging place for everyone to succeed.

Our conference is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), or technology choices. We do not tolerate harassment of conference participants in any form. Sexual language and imagery is not appropriate for any conference venue, including talks, workshops, parties, Twitter and other online media. Conference participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the conference without a refund at the discretion of the conference organisers.

If at any point you have problems, questions, or concerns you should contact either Paul in person or by email, or speak to one of the organizers. These people will be highlighted during the opening of the first day, and are available to help at all times.

You can buy tickets using the form below, but if you don't see it click here for tickets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the agenda?

We'll be covering all the major new APIs announced at WWDC21, and if we have time we'll cram in some extra workshops on general iOS development. There will be lots of time for you to get busy coding yourself, with Paul and others available to answer questions.

Will it be recorded?

Yes! All attendees will get copies of the videos, so they can rewatch them later.

Which workshop days does my ticket get me?

Regular and individual sponsor tickets give you access to all three workshop days, and all three days will be different so we'll cover a huge amount of ground. If you can't attend part or all of a day, that's okay – we'll still be providing you with all the videos so you can watch them later.

What is the diversity scholarship ticket?

This is a special ticket that does not grant you access to the event. Instead, it's for folks who want to help contribute to a fund that lets us send free tickets to members of the Swift community who are traditionally underrepresented. So, if you aren't able to come along yourself but want to help someone else come, this the right ticket for you.

Am I too junior?

It's hard to put on a "Goldilocks event" where the talks aren't too hard or too easy, but "just right". However, the goal is to make sure we have something for everyone: we'll do our best to make sure there's a spread of challenges that will suit relative newcomers through to experienced developers, and we'll have mentors on hand to help answer questions.

What if I buy a ticket then need to cancel?

At about four weeks before the event we actually need to pay all the bills to make the conference happen, so if you need to cancel your ticket before July 1st you can get in touch and we'll help. After July 1st we have literally spent your money to make the event happen, so refunds are no longer possible – you should either re-sell your ticket or give it away.

Will Paul's dogs be there?

We can't make any promises, but… 🐺🐺


Hacking with Swift Live is a community-run event run by volunteers – these folks are giving up their time so we can donate everything to good causes. If you have any problems, concerns, or questions before, during, or after the event, they are here to help.

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Illy Hudson


Paul Hudson

Paul Hudson


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Dan Leivers


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Ian Lockett


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Chris Rivers


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