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Swift Community Awards

Celebrating our amazing community

After over 1000 nominations and 6000 votes, it's time to announce the winners of the 2022 Swift Community Awards, chosen by you! Each category has one winner and one or more highly commended entries.


Apart from WWDC, which conference was most interesting, insightful, or beneficial for your career?

Shortlisted: iOS Conf SG (Singapore), iOSDevUK (United Kingdom), NSSpain (Spain), Swiftable (Argentina), SwiftLeeds (United Kingdom).

Highly commended: Swiftable.

Winner: NSSpain. After a couple of online years thanks to coronavirus, this long-time community favorite roared back into action with an astounding line-up of speakers in 2022 – make sure and watch the videos here!


Getting your user interface right is never easy, but the right tools can make all the difference. Which design resource do you think deserves special praise?

Shortlisted: Bakery, DetailsPro, Figma, PaintCode, Rotato, Sherlock, Sketch.

Highly commended: Sketch.

Winner: Figma. It's no surprise that Adobe has put a $20 billion price tag on this collaboration colossus, because the strength of community support is just off the scale.


Wrestling with iTunes Connect, handling continuous integration, getting user feedback, and more – these tools help developers do more with less.

Shortlisted: Codemagic, Emerge, ImpressKit, Instabug, MacStadium, RevenueCat, Stream, TelemetryDeck.

Highly commended: Codemagic.

Winner: RevenueCat. There are some competing services out there, but none seem able to match the culture, mindshare, or sheer velocity of RevenueCat, who top this category for the second time.


Which one tool has done the most to make your app development life better?

Shortlisted: Adaptivity, Bakery, Fork, Kaleidoscope, LaunchBuddy, Proxyman, Reveal, RocketSim, Tower.

Highly commended: Tower.

Winner: Proxyman. Networking is an inevitable part of all our jobs, and Proxyman has a well-earned reputation as the tool of choice for any developers who want to get networking right.


There are lots of open-source Swift frameworks on GitHub, but which one stood out above the rest?

Shortlisted: AudioKit, Boutique, GRDB, Ice Cubes, MusadoraKit, Nuke.

Highly commended: Nuke.

Winner: Ice Cubes. As our community increasingly moves over to Mastodon, Thomas Ricouard and others have stepped up to deliver a ground-breaking SwiftUI marvel that is really just getting started.


Which indie app do you think did the most to show off what native app development is capable of?

Shortlisted: Ice Cubes, Ivory, Posture Pal, SF Menu Bar, Up Ahead.

Highly commended: Ice Cubes.

Winner: Ivory. It says a lot that the only other app that can get more votes than Ice Cubes is another Mastodon app – we're spoiled for choice, and it's no surprise so many iOS folks have moved to Mastodon full time with quality apps such as these.


Over the last year, which talk at a conference has done the most to inspire you in your work?

Shortlisted: Anna Beltrami: Spark your Creativity – the Power of iPad Playgrounds, Daniel Steinberg: Willing Suspension of Disbelief, Frank Courville: Roll your own networking stack, Jordi Bruin: Shipping Side Projects in 2-2-2 Easy Steps, Krzysztof Zabłocki: Improving developer experience through tools and techniques, Natalia Panferova: Mysteries of SwiftUI Text view.

Highly commended: Krzysztof Zabłocki: Improving developer experience through tools and techniques.

Winner: Anna Beltrami: Spark your Creativity – the Power of iPad Playgrounds. I was lucky enough to see Anna deliver this talk at iOSDevUK, and she was smart, engaging, funny, and more – I think we're all looking forward to see where she goes next.


Which new Swift resource (website, YouTube channel, podcast, etc) do you think has had the biggest impact on our community?

Shortlisted: Accessible Mobile Apps Weekly, Anna Beltrami, Craig Clayton, Design to SwiftUI, Danijela Vrzan, Rudrank Riyam.

Highly commended: Anna Beltrami.

Winner: Danijela Vrzan. Danijela only got into app development in 2020, and yet is already publishing apps, writing articles, mentoring others, and more – her dedication for giving back to our community time and time again is unparalleled, and makes her a worthy winner.

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