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Refund Policy

We want everyone to be happy with all the Hacking with Swift courses they buy, both now and in the future, which is why all our purchased books come with free lifetime Swift updates and free bonus content with our Frequent Flyer Club, and we also encourage folks to join our Slack community to help solve problems.

However, if you aren't happy with a course you bought from us, we offer a 30-day No Questions Asked refund policy. This applies to all books and video courses purchased through Gumroad, which is our primary distributor. So, if you weren't happy with your purchase, if you changed your mind, or if you just bought the wrong thing by accident, we can refund your purchase up to 30 days after it was made.

You can claim a refund for any book or video by emailing paul@hackingwithswift.com. Please make sure you provide the email address you used to buy your course, along with which things you want a refund for.

Please note: We aren't able to handle refund requests for purchases made through Apple Books, because only Apple can issue refunds there.

Request Refund

What about subscriptions?

Hacking with Swift+ subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, and you'll continue to receive access to your content until your subscription term runs out.

You should cancel your subscription directly through Gumroad. You can cancel through the receipts you receive, or through your Gumroad library.

How far can I push this?

Some people repeatedly buy products the same products then ask for refunds on them, for example buying all the book bundles then returning them, then buying them again and returning them again.

Because there is a financial cost to us for handling these serial refund requests, we reserve the right to draw a line somewhere: if you repeatedly buy the same product, we reserve the right to decline refund requests.

Will I get all my money back?

We'll request a full refund from your payment processor, which means any money we received gets sent back to you. However, some companies such as PayPal will deduct their fee from your refund amount, so you might get back a little less than you originally paid. This isn't something we can control, I'm afraid – those fees don't come to us, so we can't send them back to you.

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