I offer a complete, hands-on tutorial collection that takes you from beginner to pro the smart way.


Hacking with Swift

Start here if you're new to Swift and iOS: you learn the language and Apple's frameworks using 40 real-world projects. Includes over 1300 pages of tutorials and examples, plus exclusive content.


Pro Swift

Buy this if you already know Swift: you get a 250-page book with 90+ videos that teach advanced skills like functional programming, protocol-oriented programming, closures, and more.


Swift Coding Challenges

Looking to get a great job making iOS apps, or perhaps just to hone your skills with algorithms and techniques? Get Swift Coding Challenges and enjoy 64 challenges with fully worked solutions!


And more…

Whether you're looking for macOS, watchOS, tvOS, Server-Side Swift, or even Objective-C, there's a book in the Hacking with Swift series for you – all following our proven project-based formula.

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I've written a selection of books that help you build your skills from beginner through to advanced. Each book is completely standalone, so you can buy whichever one suits you best and dive in.

All books come with free Swift updates for life, free bonus content through the Swift Frequent Flyer Club, and a complimentary completion certificate to help you track your progression.


“Hacking with Swift is where I started learning, with no prior knowledge or experience with Swift. Each lesson introduces you to new concepts and aspects of Swift, and does so in a way that means you learn by doing – it's a great place to start!”

— Daniel Robertson

“Hacking with Swift is a fun way to get into Swift. Nice projects, useful coding techniques, comfortable pace. Give it a try!”

— Michel Kahan

“When I'm stuck on how to solve a problem Hacking with Swift is the first place I look - it's the best Swift resource available.”

— Richard Lowe

“Paul's teaching methodology of learning on a need-to-know basis worked best for me. If you are dedicated then Hacking with Swift is the best place for learning Swift.”

— Yasin Ahmed

“Hacking with Swift is one of the best and easiest training courses. With the course you can start from complete zero, and start making your own apps as you always dreamed.”

— Alexander Deplov

“Really great tutorial! Learning by example and a hands-on approach is more natural and really beneficial.”

— Prince Tendai


Q: Will I get updates when new Swift versions are released?

A: Yes! Your purchase is covered by the most awesome book updates policy in existence: books get updates for new Swift versions completely free, for the life of the book. Click here to read my book update policy in full.

Q: What version of Swift do you use in your courses?

A: I use Xcode 9 and Swift 4 in all books, except for Objective-C for Swift Developers – that uses Objective-C. Obviously.

Q: I can already program Swift – will you teach me new stuff?

A: I wrote a separate book and video course called Pro Swift which teaches advanced Swift coding. It covers functional programming, MVVM, reference and value types, closures, operator overloading, and much more, and includes over 70 videos walking you through the techniques. While Hacking with Swift definitely touches on more advanced topics as you proceed, Pro Swift is all advanced, all the time.

Q: Is knowing Swift enough? Do I also need to know Objective-C?

A: It's true that most iOS jobs want some Objective-C knowledge, because there are over a million apps written in the language. To help you learn, I wrote a book called Objective-C for Swift Developers, which is designed to help you transfer your skills from Swift to Objective-C as quickly as possible.

Q: Do any of your books overlap?

A: No – they are all designed to be unique, standalone books.

Q: Can I buy your books on iBooks?

A: Yes, you can buy my books on the iBooks Store. For more information and links to the full range, click here.

Q: Do you offer any discounts?

A: I try to keep my books priced as low as possible; if you look around, you'll find other courses sell for twice as much, despite offering far less content. However, if you sign up to my low-volume Swift newsletter you'll get emailed an instant discount on the Hacking with Swift e-book, which contains lots of exclusive content you won't find online.

If you're looking for the biggest discount of all, see the very next question…

Q: Can I buy your books in a bundle?

A: Yes, and the bundles are a great way to save even more money on my low prices:

  • My first six books are available in the Swift Power Pack at a big discount – you get all six for just $150, which is a 32% saving on their regular price.
  • The next five books are available in the Swift Platform Pack, also for $150, which is a 25% saving on their regular price.

Even better, if you buy any of the books from a bundle individually, you can upgrade to the full bundle at a later date just by paying the difference – email me and I can generate the discount for you.