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Learn Swift on the move

Take Swift everywhere

It's not easy to keep your coding skills sharp, but with Unwrap you can now master the fundamentals of Swift, take practice tests, and keep learning Swift wherever you want – all on your iPhone or iPad.

Even better: it's free, with no in-app purchases.

iPhone and iPad

Learn on whichever device you prefer, and have your progress automatically sycned between your devices.

Watch or read

Read each chapter, or watch 100 videos teaching the fundamentals of Swift – all available for offline viewing.

Track progress

Every chapter you complete and every test you take earn points so you can track your learning journey.

Completely free

Unwrap is free on the App Store, and has no in-app purchases. Its code is even on GitHub for everyone to read!

What's in the app

Unwrap is designed to help you learn all the fundamental features of Swift right on your iPhone and iPad, then practice to keep your skills fresh.

The app includes:

  • 100 chapters teaching Swift step by step, each with a video and a test to help you monitor your learning.
  • Seven practice activities that encourage you to read and write Swift daily: free coding, tap to code, rearrange the lines, spot the error, and more.
  • Daily challenges that ask you questions from across the full range of Swift.
  • Swift news delivered direct to your device.
  • A comprehensive glossary of Swift terms.
  • Score tracking for every activity, plus unlockable badges.
  • iCloud synchronization, so you can learn across all your iOS devices.

Download on the App Store


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I report a bug?

If you hit any problems with the app, please let me know and I'll try to get it resolved. Make sure you specify what device you're using as well as which iOS version.

Why wasn't my Free Coding answer accepted?

The Free Coding activity asks you to solve a problem in Swift, and attempts to evaluate whether the code you entered solves the problem or not. Although I've made every effort to make it as thorough as possible, some "creative" solutions might still be marked as wrong. Please let me know and I'll try to fix the app.

What are the points for?

The points and levels help you keep track of your progress.

You earn points for each chapter you read, each test you take, and each practice and challenge you complete. You can share your score with your friends by tapping Share Score on the home page. Unless you're taking a challenge, you get the same number of points regardless of how many mistakes you make – you earn points for trying your best, not for answering everything perfectly. If you want to go back and take a test again to improve your score, go for it!

Can I retake daily challenges?

No; daily challenges can be taken only once a day. Please wait until tomorrow before trying again.

Can I feature Unwrap on my site?

Sure thing! There's a press pack containing screenshots, logos, and a press release with various feature highlights. If you have further requirements just get in touch.

Is the source code for Unwrap available?

Yes! It's available on GitHub at https://github.com/twostraws/Unwrap, so you can see how the app's structured, learn from the code, and – if you want – contribute patches.

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