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Question: Can you talk me through some interesting code you wrote recently?

Suggested approach: Hopefully you can go straight to GitHub and pick an interesting project. If not, why not? Your projects don't need to be amazing, clever, or even popular, but if you literally have nothing to show it doesn't say much for your coding career.

Important notes:

  • There are over 100 interview questions in the system. Once you've read the question and come up with a suitable answer, try reading my suggested approach below.
  • To see another question just refresh the page; a new question is chosen every second.
  • These questions are not designed to be hard; a good interviewer is more interested in generating discussion that lets your ability and interests shine through. The handful that are harder are specifically marked – the majority are suitable for junior to intermediate developers.
  • If you answer a question with "yes" or "no" you've missed the point – interviewers prefer you to provide reasoning, explanation, or detail, so try to elaborate with examples!
  • If you're looking for detailed technical questions about the language, you should try my Swift tests instead – there are multiple challenges that will work your brain hard.
  • For a whole series of coding challenges, I wrote the perfect book for you: Swift Coding Challenges.

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