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Free Updates for Life

Stay up to date

Swift is a fast-paced language, with new features and new SDKs being announced almost every day. So when you buy your books from Hacking with Swift, you get Swift updates for free.

All your books

Whether you bought Pro Swift, Server-Side Swift, or any of the others – they are all covered by this policy.

Bundles too

Books that come with videos also include free video updates, so you stay updated no matter how you learn.

Applies to all

It doesn't matter when you bought your books: if you bought through Gumroad at any time, you qualify.

How it works

This is a big commitment for me to make, and I'm sure you want to know exactly what the inevitable terms and conditions are, so I want to do my best to be as clear and upfront as possible.

What counts as an "update"?

The Swift language changes regularly – about twice a year right now. These changes are sometimes small (such as Swift 5.2) or sometimes large (such as Swift 6.0). Whenever I release to the public an updated book or video to reflect these changes, all existing buyers will get that update free.

How fast will updates be released?

As fast as I can! Emailing me doesn't make me write updates any faster.

What happens with platform updates?

This policy is specifically designed to cover Swift language updates. In the case of platform updates – for example new iOS or macOS releases – the situation varies depending on what has changed. If a feature has been deprecated or removed this will be changed in the book in the next update, which would be free.

Will books ever be retired?

Every time I update a book, you will get that update for free – that's the core of this policy. However, it's possible that some books reach the natural end of their life and may be retired in the future, perhaps because they are no longer relevant. In this case no more updates will be released, and I will inform you.

Does this cover videos too?

This policy is specifically for books, but it also covers books that come with videos – Pro Swift, Pro SwiftUI, and Beyond Code, for example. Standalone video packs that are made for live events are time-sensitive, and are not covered by this policy.

Can this policy change in the future?

Yes. Please keep in mind that I write and update all these books myself. This policy is me trying to do my best for you as a valued reader, and I hope you can appreciate that circumstances can change in the future.

What I can say is that I will do my utmost to stick to this as best as I can, and if things do change I will contact everyone to explain why. Hacking with Swift was originally written for Swift 1.0, and readers have received free updates for 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, and even SwiftUI, so I think it's fair to say I have a track record of doing my best to help keep your learning up to date!

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