“Very useful for an experienced developer with new iOS APIs.”

Dario Pellegrini on Advanced iOS: Volume One

“Beyond Code is to the point and chock full of useful information while also managing to avoid being a dry read. This book delivers the goods.”

Pat Garner on Beyond Code

“Paul Hudson is a Swift community treasure. I regularly turn to Pro Swift and Paul's other books for reference and inspiration. Thank you!”

John Gallaugher on Pro Swift

“This is a great book for getting into SpriteKit without prior experience with the framework – I recommend it as a great first stop.”

Shawn Roller on Dive Into SpriteKit

“Just finished reading Swift Design Patterns. It's awesome, just like other books by Paul. It helped me a lot to understand some iOS aspects deeply.”

Anton Novoselov on Swift Design Patterns

“The example projects along with the great explanations in the Swift Power Pack have been a solid foundation for my career.”

Kaiser Abliz on The Swift Power Pack

“As a beginner I have tried a lot of intro books, but this book was by far my favorite because he used concrete examples and explained every line of code!”

Michael Henry on Hacking with Swift

“Such a great book. Mini projects with enough depth to be useful and fast enough to be fun – the perfect balance!”

Allen Wixted on Practical iOS 11

“A must for intermediate devs. Lost or don't know what to do or where to look for an answer? Look through this book! Easy to learn and short – love it!”

Mehrdad Ahmadi on Hacking with Swift

“This was a really helpful reference that I put into use when taking control of a legacy Objective-C app. Reading this book eased the pain – thank you!”

Shawn Roller on Objective-C for Swift Developers

“After lot tips from the site I decided to buy a book and it was an excellent choice! I love learning with practical examples. Thank you!”

Sasa Jovanovic on Hacking with Swift

“I'm a professional developer who primarily uses Swift. I found a lot of great tips and have reread it multiple times now. Thanks!”

Shawn Roller on Pro Swift

“Pro Swift is a reference I come back to time after time. All Hacking with Swift books are great and this one helps tie them all together.”

Rob Rickard on Pro Swift

“Paul's book does an amazing job teaching beginners how to use server-side Swift in an effective, testable, efficient way.”

Jimmy McDermott on Server-Side Swift

“This talented young man's books helped this traditional project manager launch his first app on the App Store – what better praise can I give?”

Stephen Boronski on Hacking with Swift

“The book has lots of knowledge explained step by step in a way that can be followed and understood by both beginners and advanced programmers.”

Dragos Ionel on Practical iOS 11

“After searching and buying tons of Swift courses and books, Paul's books are some of the few that are worth my time.”

Patrick Miron on Pro Swift

“This book is an amazing resource and a great start to server-side swift, even if you have prior experience. Highly recommended.”

Orest Danylewycz on Server-Side Swift

“Perfect introduction to swift: every concept has a clear description and good snippets of code to understand and verify the theory.”

Piero Amato on Hacking with Swift

“Paul teaches complex ideas with simplicity and ease. It's no wonder I always go back to his books whenever I feel stuck at a point – I'm a big fan!”

Moin Ahmad on Practical iOS 11

“Paul's content is hands down the easiest to follow along with and the most intuitive. I'd recommend this Power Pack to anyone wanting to learn Swift!”

Chris Bertolino on The Swift Power Pack

“This book provides classic coding challenges allowing the reader to follow along and test their chops.”

Charles Plater on Swift Coding Challenges

“This is the book to become an solid iOS Developer. Packed full of updated information and advanced topics. Just buy it.”

Jesse Cohen on Pro Swift

“These projects are practically ready for the App Store! If you're looking for quality projects and great inspiration, look no further.”

Marc Aupont on Practical iOS 11

“Paul's is a warranty of quality. He writes books at a speed that always surprises me for its timing and effectiveness. This book represents all that!”

Mario Esposito on Hacking with watchOS

“This series is packed with amazing content – the debug tips alone are worth 10x the cost of the series! Content is easy to follow and to the point!”

Marc Aupont on Hacking with Swift Live Series 1

“This book helped me to master my Swift skills. When you are developing every day you sometimes forget to sharpen your tools. This book is for that.”

Kristaps Grinbergs on Pro Swift

“Hacking with Swift was my first learning tool when I decided to leave Objective-C behind. It will make your Swift learning time so much fun and productive.”

Erik Erice on Hacking with Swift

“I looked at a lot of tutorials to try to learn iOS programming, and this was hands down the most effective and efficient series.”

Eva TC Kovacs on Hacking with Swift

“Practicing the advanced topics in Pro Swift was instrumental in getting recently hired for a senior iOS engineering role – it was a great confidence booster.”

Josh Kneedler on Pro Swift

“Everything that you need, nothing that you don't. Paul does a great job of explaining even the most advanced concepts in an easy to understand manner.”

Zach Fuller on Pro Swift

“This book is helping me to learn and play with my demo apps. I'm not a professional developer but that may change in the future – thank you!”

Dalibor Ondra on Hacking with macOS

“After working through the book and videos of Pro Swift not only did I come away with the ability to make my app swiftier, but all around better!”

Mike Kane on Pro Swift

“Excellent introduction kept up to date and improved upon with each new release of Swift and iOS. Just the right amount of info, without much repetition.”

Phil Wigglesworth on Hacking with Swift

“Absolutely brilliant! I understood a lot of concepts I was struggling with. Don't look anywhere else if you want to learn and understand Swift.”

Nikolay Nikonov on Hacking with Swift

“I can't overstate just how good Paul is in a live setting, nor have I been able to sit through an 8-hour webinar until now. Amazing – incredible value!”

Scott Johnson on Hacking with Swift Live Series 1

“I like the the book and examples, they are very light and focused – you immediately grasp the idea without heavy explanations. Great work!”

Reuven Moshkovich on Pro Swift

“A must read for every Swift developer who wants to achieve a new level in Swift. My favorite chapters are pattern matching and flatMap().”

Majid Jabrayilov on Pro Swift

“The projects in this course are created in a way to expose you to real-world code – very practical and extensible! Highly recommended.”

Marc Aupont on Hacking with Swift

“I looked into Server-Side swift out of curiosity and this book fed that curiosity. This book was updated within days of a new release – awesome!”

Marc Aupont on Server-Side Swift

“Hacking With Swift is an enlightening yet entirely practical series of projects. You will learn key Swift skills easy to transfer to your projects.”

Mark Brown on Hacking with Swift

“Paul is a very cool writer. I bought almost all of his books and they serve me as a reference guide to the programming language.”

Vitaliy Podolski on Pro Swift

“The entire Hacking with Swift series is great! Swift Coding Challenges forces me to think abstractly and dig into the code more than ever.”

Dan O’Leary on Swift Coding Challenges

“I absolutely recommend this to anyone learning how to use Swift as a higher level (and functional!) language.”

Ryley Herrington on Pro Swift

“Every language has specific features as well as generic features, and Pro Swift delves deep into Swifty features and prepares you for Swifty Programming.”

Yasin Ahmed on Pro Swift

“Pro Swift took my skills from intermediate to advanced. This book explains things clearly and concisely and has useful example code to go with it!”

Justin Gagnon on Pro Swift

“I'm a huge fan of Paul Hudson – more than an in-depth source of technical information, its super easy to understand and learning from him is inspiring!”

Julio Ryuuzaki on Hacking with macOS

“An amazing amount of information – the book enables me to write code and produce a modern application with graphics, WebKit, MapKit and much more.”

Jon Griffiths on Hacking with macOS

“Paul has not only an exceptional knowledge of Swift language but also an innate ability to teach. Simply the best Swift learning resource out there.”

Adam Pearson on Hacking with Swift

“An amazing book to get you in deep with Apples new APIs. I was literally jumping up and down in my house after I built my first ARkit application.”

Nic Ollis on Practical iOS 11

“This book is a great introduction to Swift for programmers who’ve used Objective-C, Java and other similar languages. Highly recommended.”

Ronald Holmes on Hacking with Swift

“The practical approach of the book is engaging, and sometimes even entertaining. Every project unveils the power iOS and Swift, amusing the reader.”

Tiago Gomes Pereira on Hacking with Swift

“Paul writes in such an easy-to-understand manner. If you want to level-up your Swift game, Pro Swift is absolutely the way to go!”

Marwan Alani on Pro Swift

“A great and unique book that will challenge your skills in Swift and programming in general. Really love the content and solutions that Paul has written.”

Crisler Chee on Swift Coding Challenges

“I love the work Paul does. He has a real talent for making complex topics obtainable, fun, and engaging!”

Caleb Basinger on Hacking with Swift

“I've seriously upped my Swift game thanks to Paul's book. He is a great teacher and his writing is very easy to follow. I can't recommend him enough.”

Paweł Kata on Pro Swift

“This book is the book that started my career, and because of Hacking with Swift I fallen in love with Swift!”

Jakub Łaszczewski on Hacking with Swift

“Spiced with a very good sense of humor, Hacking with watchOS really helped me to learn how to write apps for Apple's smallest device.”

Dennis Parussini on Hacking with watchOS

“All the necessary information is there. Most importantly, Paul's books are written in a fun and engaging way. I think it's one of the best resources on Swift!”

Tony Lin on Hacking with Swift

“I feel like I have improved my knowledge ten fold. You have shown me possibilities with Swift that I didn't even know existed. I now use them every day!”

Gary Frank on Pro Swift

“Detailed, engaging, highly recommended.”

Otto Wichmann on Hacking with Swift

“Paul Hudson’s books and videos are number 1 in my personal top of iOS resources. He offers a fun and practical approach – highly recommended!”

Anton Novoselov on The Swift Power Pack

“Pro Swift is my main source of coding good practice in Swift. I particularly liked the crystal-clear, humor-filled writing style of Paul Hudson.”

Frédéric Adda on Pro Swift

“As with every book I have read by Paul, this one contains useful information that I use on a daily basis to get my work done.”

Peter Witham on Practical iOS 11

“Great to help someone move beyond the basics when they are not in the code enough every day to run into it themselves. Especially appreciated the videos!”

Alistair Booth on Pro Swift

“A challenging book that will complete your Swift knowledge and help you improve your coding reflexes.”

Alex Bigby on Swift Coding Challenges

“When I have someone ask me about getting into mobile development there isn't a book I recommend more.”

Nic Ollis on Hacking with Swift

“Hacking with Swift was my door to the Swift world years ago, and now Pro Swift has helped me to take a big step forward in my skills. Thank you!”

Erik Erice on Pro Swift

“Each chapter clearly explains the topic being discussed. With Paul's guidance, it's amazing how easy it all can be.”

Glenn Cole on Hacking with Swift

“Hacking with Swift really helped me to learn and understand the fundamentals of Swift and iOS. I am looking forward to begin with my next book!”

Markus Meyer on Hacking with Swift

“This is the best series on Swift that I've found. The book explains things very well and the challenges are pitched at just the right level.”

Karen Hughes on Hacking with Swift

“Don't waste time sharpening pencils: Hacking with Swift connected the dots for me, introducing concepts then reenforcing them with a real app.”

Franklin Byaruhanga on Hacking with Swift

“These challenges are extremely thought provoking – very practical and great content to prepare for coding interviews!”

Marc Aupont on Swift Coding Challenges

“This book made me become a much better developer – worth every cent.”

Gabriel Sória on Pro Swift

“Amazing work, Paul!”

Lucas Tran on Hacking with Swift

“Paul satisfies my need to know "why?" in all his books. In other words, he teaches why the code is used this way and why it works like it does.”

Patrick Miron on Hacking with Swift

“I have learned a lot from this book. After reading and understanding, it seemed like I already had many years of experience with Swift. Thanks Paul!”

Gabriel Sória on Pro Swift

“This book is a very good intro (and then some) to ARKit, CoreML, PDFKit, and other new frameworks in iOS 11. I especially enjoyed the CoreML stuff.”

Shawn Roller on Practical iOS 11