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I love attending conferences and meetups around the world, teaching and learning about Swift in equal measure. If you'd like me to speak at your next event please get in touch. Alternatively, you can find a selection of my previous and upcoming talks below, along with videos where possible.

Selected highlights

If you only have time to watch a handful of my talks, I've picked out some of my favorites below. Some of these were recorded by the event, but some I've re-recorded to improve the sound and/or video quality.

(And if you're really short on time, here are the things I talk about the most: use assertions and preconditions more, prefer hard types over optionals, constrain your extensions, prefer composition over inheritance, and don't let folks convince you that their architecture is better than yours!)

How Not to Write Swift

Delivered at Swift & Fika in Stockholm

Understanding the Standard Library

Delivered at Mobiconf in Kraków

Teaching Swift at Scale

Delivered at NSSpain in Logroño

What Star Wars Can Teach Us About Swift

Delivered at Next Door in San Jose

Building a Modern iOS App

Delivered at App Builders in Lugano

Nuke it from Orbit

Delivered at iOSCon in London

Previous Presentations

Here are some of the other placed I've spoken previously:

  • Swift TO 2019, Toronto: The Evolution of Swift – watch
  • Swift Island 2019, Texel: Text Recognition and Core Haptics
  • Codemobile 2019, Chester: We're Better Than This – watch
  • MobOS, Cluj-Napoca: Super-powered String Interpolation – watch
  • iOS Conf SG 2019, Singapore: Mastering Multi-screen Apps – watch
  • Mobius 2018, Moscow: Squeeze your Swift
  • Swift Alps 2018, Crans-Montana: Swift Design Patterns
  • DevFest Baltics 2018, Riga: Core ML for Everyone – watch
  • Swift Heroes 2018, Turin: Refactoring View Controllers Live – watch
  • Mobilization 2018, Łódź: Hands on with Coordinators
  • TechFest 2018, Bucharest: Building a Server-Side Swift App
  • SwiftConf 2018, Cologne: Mastering UIKit Animation
  • iOSDevUK 2018, Aberystwyth: Swift Best Practices
  • AltConf 2018, San Jose: iOS 12 in 45 Minutes – watch
  • Appdevcon 2018, Amsterdam: How to Debug Like a Pro – watch
  • dotSwift 2018, Paris: Elements of Functional Programming – watch
  • Pragma Mark 2017, Verona: How to Instrument Your Code Like You Mean It – watch
  • iOSCon 2017, London: Natural Swift
  • Forward Swift 2017, San Francisco: Advanced Swift
  • Forward Swift 2016, San Francisco: Swift Zero to Hero

Upcoming presentations

  • iOSDevUK 2019, Aberystwyth
  • try! Swift, New York
  • Mobiconf 2019, Kraków
  • Pragma Mark 2019, Bologna

What people say…

  • “What an awesome talk! It’s really nice to see someone put so much effort into a great presentation.” – Tom Angistalis
  • “Will I go bankrupt if I go to all conferences where Paul speaks? Because I really wanna be in the audience for each and every talk he delivers! Amazing.” – Nataliya Patsovska
  • “Another awesome talk for iOS developers that I very much recommend watching – even if you're not so much interested in the topic it's worth watching because Paul's presentation skills are 10/10!” – Mischa Hildebrand
  • “Thank you for going deep into the standard library. Awesome talk!” – Dariusz Bukowski
  • “Super impressed by Paul's AltConf talk “iOS 12 in 45 minutes.” He was actually able to show four different new topics through a live coding demo using XCode 10, Mojave and iOS 12. It was incredible!” – Kaya Thomas
  • “Just watched Paul's talk from Swift & Fika. Huge energy! Also loved the way he finished is talk: inspirational.” – Marco Capano
  • “Must watch for Swift folks who want to understand the language better and see practical applications of language features.” – Veronica Ray
  • “This talk by Paul Hudson is the most entertaining presentation I’ve ever seen. It should win an award.” – Rod Schmidt
  • “This should be on the WWDC stage.” – Abizer Nasir

Image credit: the photo at the top of this page was taken at dotSwift 2018 in Paris on January 29, 2018 by Nicolas Ravelli.

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