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Affiliate Program

Help others learn

If you enjoy Hacking with Swift and want to help others discover it for themselves, the Hacking with Swift affiliate program is perfect for you – every time someone buys a book using your link, you'll get a share of the cover price.


The affiliate program covers all books and videos sold through Gumroad, which is our primary distributor.


Courses bought through your link qualify for the same Swift update policy and frequent flyer club bonuses.


Gumroad can tell you exactly when people use your sales link as well as what your current balance is.


Fund your Swift learning with a generous percentage on each sale backed up by weekly payouts of earnings.

How to apply

To join the program there are a few things you need to understand and accept:

  • You will not use spam or automated posting to send out or promote your affiliate links. Newsletters are fine, as long as they accompanied with actual content.
  • You will not host Hacking with Swift affiliate program links on sites that promote hate or discrimination, contain sexually explicit or violent material, or contains unlawful material.
  • Hacking with Swift takes no responsibility for tax on your earnings. You will need to report these to your local tax agency and take appropriate action.
  • You must not attempt to pass yourself off as Paul Hudson or Hacking with Swift.
  • You are responsible for creating and managing your own Gumroad account, and are able to accept payment from Gumroad.

Any affiliates found breaking those rules will receive a warning, and may have their membership of the program terminated if the behavior continues.

All set? Email paul@hackingwithswift.com with your full name, country, and where you'll be posting affiliate links – that might be your website, your YouTube channel, your newsletter, etc. There doesn't need to be any content there yet, but it must at least exist.

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