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Free Swift and iOS tutorials

Not sure where to start? We recommend you try the 100 Days of SwiftUI.

100 Days of Swift

Start out with pure Swift then move onto iOS app development using daily guides, videos, challenges, and more.

Learn from scratch

This course is aimed at complete beginners, and teaches you everything you need to make real iOS apps.

Challenges and reviews

Work through thousands of questions that solidify your learning, and solve challenges with your own code.

Daily learning

This course is broken down into 100 days of learning, each lasting one hour, to help keep you focused.

Start Reading (SwiftUI)

Start Reading (UIKit)

Proven solutions

Search over 600 answers, code samples, and tips to help you solve problems faster.

No waffle

Every answer gets straight to the point with the code you need to use to reach your goal.

Always updated

You don't need trial and error: everything is regularly updated for new versions of Swift and iOS.

Get Solutions

Swift Example Code

Get smart, proven solutions for common coding problems in Swift, UIKit, Core Graphics, and more.

SwiftUI By Example

Find hands-on solutions to practical problems, and build SwiftUI apps fast.

Hands-on solutions

Includes thousands of code snippets you can use immediately, along with explanation of why it works.

Layout, animations, and more

Take control of SwiftUI's layout system to make great user interfaces that animate smoothly.

Includes iOS, macOS, and watchOS

Build apps that work on all of Apple's platforms, while sharing as much code as you can.

Start Reading

Looking for videos?

We have over 100 hours of free YouTube videos on Swift, SwiftUI, UIKit, Xcode, and more, all organized by playlist and ready for you to dive in with whatever interests you.

Start watching


Learn Swift on your iPhone and iPad with videos, quizzes, daily challenges, and more.

Interactive learning

Learn Swift using short lessons and videos, and monitor progress with tests and achievements.

100% offline

Everything – including 100 videos and all tests – works offline, and the app is only 80MB.

Completely free

Unwrap is free to download with no in-app purchases. It's even open source on GitHub!

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Learn Swift

Get Swift in Sixty Seconds in Swift Playgrounds, and master Swift on the move.

Learn Core Graphics

Follow graded challenges that teach custom drawing with Core Graphics from scratch.

Automatic updates

Subscribe to our playgrounds to get updates and additions delivered immediately.

Find Out More

Swift Playgrounds

Download free playgrounds for Apple's Swift Playgrounds iPad app, teaching Swift and Core Graphics.

Glossary of Swift terms

Get clear and simple definitions of common Swift terms such as "protocol", "associated type", and "indirect enum", all on page and all alphabetically organized for fast access.

Swift Glossary

Swift in Sixty Seconds

Watch one-minute videos that teach all the fundamentals of Swift, then complete interactive reviews to check your learning.

Straight to the point

These videos are deliberately kept as short as possible, which means no waffle or time wasting.

Suitable for beginners

This course starts from the absolute basics of Swift programming so anyone can follow along.

Complete coverage

Covers more advanced topics such as protocols, nil coalescing, and access control.

Start Reading

Real projects

39 complete projects teach you UIKit, SpriteKit, MapKit, Core Graphics, Core Image, and more.

Hands-on challenges

Start writing your own code from the very start with challenges you have the knowledge to solve.

Smart repetition

Key learning concepts are covered multiple separate times to help you gain valuable practice.

Start Reading

Hacking with Swift

Learn the fundamentals of app development with the book that started it all.

Test your Swift

Be the Compiler, Rearrange the Lines, Spot the Error, and more – visit the most comprehensive collection of Swift tests on the internet, and prep yourself for interview success.

View Tests



Post your coding questions to our forums and let others help you solve your problems.

Post Questions


Master new skills with articles about architecture, refactoring, performance, and more.

Read Articles


Get advice to help you find your first job or take your career to the next level.

Get Advice


Try your hand at interview questions that are commonly asked for iOS roles.

Answer Questions

And that's only the free stuff.

Whether you want to learn faster, jumpstart your career, take on more advanced topics, or just want to support the site, there's a Hacking with Swift book you can buy that will help. These aren't free, but they do all come with lifetime Swift updates, bonus content, and a 30-day No Questions Asked refund policy.

So, if you want to master Swift efficiently, check out our store and get started today.

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