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All bundles includes free updates for Swift and SwiftUI – click to read my update policy

I make sure all my books are as inexpensive as I can make them, but if you buy one of my specially selected book bundles you can save even more and reach your goals faster than ever.


The Swift Power Pack is designed to take you from absolute beginner to your first iOS develoment job as efficiently as possible.


The Swift Platform Pack helps you explore Swift on other platforms, including macOS, tvOS, watchOS, and beyond.


The Swift Plus Pack teaches advanced techniques to help you move into a senior role, including design patterns, architecture, and more.

Swift Power Pack

Six books aimed at teaching you junior and intermediate Swift skills, preparing you for an interview, and giving you key skills for developers of any level. Along the way you'll build over 60 projects for Swift and iOS, using both UIKit and SwiftUI.

Hacking with iOS
Swift for Complete Beginners
Understanding Swift
Pro Swift
Advanced iOS: Volume One
Swift Coding Challenges
Objective-C for Swift Developers
Beyond Code

Price when bought individually: $260

Swift Platform Pack

Six books that help you use your Swift skills in more places, including SwiftUI, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and server-side Swift.

Pro SwiftUI
Hacking with macOS
Hacking with watchOS
Hacking with tvOS
Server-side Swift: Vapor Edition
Advanced iOS: Volume Two

Price when bought individually: $270

Swift Plus Pack

Six books aimed at taking your Swift skills to their limits: building great tests, adopting smart design patterns, solving SwiftUI problems, and more.

Testing Swift
Swift Design Patterns
Advanced iOS: Volume Three
SwiftUI by Example
Swift Concurrency by Example
Swift on Sundays: Volume One
Dive into SpriteKit

Price when bought individually: $250

Looking to buy everything?

Lots of people read my books and think "yep, this is exactly what I want – how can I buy a bundle of all books and all videos?" Well, I'm afraid I don't have a "buy everything" bundle available, mostly because I keep writing new books.

If you want to buy everything I write, you should buy the three bundles:

Custom bundles

Some people ask whether I can create a custom bundle with the exact set of books that fits their needs. I'm afraid this isn't possible – we need to create every bundle by hand, then update each bundle as book updates are released, and it would be an admin nightmare trying to update 20 different bundles with varying book contents.

If none of the above bundles suit you, perhaps consider buying individual books.

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