You can buy Swift tutorials from anywhere, but I'm pleased, proud, and very grateful that you chose mine. I want to say thank you, and the best way I have of doing that is by giving you bonus content above and beyond what you paid for – you deserve it!

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The more books you buy, the more rewards you get. I've created a range of content and I'm giving it to readers like you to say thank you.

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Every qualifying book you buy contains one word, marked clearly in bold so you can't miss it. Enter them below to unlock rewards.

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I made this because you've done so much for me that I wanted to do something in return. Thank you for being so awesome!


Every qualifying book you buy from me contains a single word near the beginning of the book. It's clearly marked under the "Frequent Flyer Club" header so you can't miss it, and it always comes immediately before the "Dedication" header.

The more books you own, the more bonus content you can claim. It doesn't matter which books you own, just the quantity. All the rewards are cumulative: if you own three books you get everything at levels 1, 2, and 3.

Here's the full list of rewards:

  • Buy any 1 book: Advanced Debugging video.
  • Buy any 2 books: Profiling with System Trace video.
  • Buy any 3 books: More Swift Tips and Tricks video.
  • Buy any 4 books: Functional Programming Nuggets wallchart.
  • Buy any 5 books: Test-Driven Development with Xcode video.
  • Buy any 6 books: Inside the Swift Source Code video.
  • Buy any 7 books: Auto Layout Tips and Tricks video.
  • Buy any 8 books: Protocol-oriented Programming cheatsheet.
  • Buy all 9 books: Xcode Source Editor Extensions video.

Remember, the rewards are cumulative, so if you buy any six books you'll get that reward, plus the reward for five books, four books, three books, two books, and one book. If you go to the Hacking with Swift store to buy new books, you'll get new reward words to unlock even more content.

The following books contain Frequent Flyer Club words: Beyond Code, Hacking with macOS, Hacking with Swift, Hacking with tvOS, Hacking with watchOS, Objective-C for Swift Developers, Practical iOS 10, Practical iOS 11, Pro Swift, Server-Side Swift, and Swift Coding Challenges.

What you need to do is enter each of those words into the text box below. Please enter them all on one line, separated by spaces. Don't worry about case – you can write UPPERCASE or lowercase and the word will still be recognized.

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