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iOS Developer Interview Questions

What are raw strings?

Suggested approach: There’s a simple formula here, taking you from broad to specific: explain how you make raw strings, explain how you’d use them, then provide any extra information such as how they handle string interpolation.

So, you might start by saying that you make them by placing a hash before and after your string quotes, they are used for strings where lots of instances of quote marks or backslashes appear in order to make the string easier to read (bonus points for mentioning regular expressions!), and then finish up by saying that string interpolation must also use a hash in order to become active.

If you want to really show off your knowledge, perhaps mention that you can use more than one hash if you need to.

  Estimated difficulty: Easy

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Important notes

  • There are over 150 interview questions in the system. Once you've read the question and come up with a suitable answer, try reading my suggested approach and see if it helps you add more detail.
  • These questions are not designed to be hard; a good interviewer is more interested in generating discussion that lets your ability and interests shine through.
  • If you answer a question with "yes" or "no" you've missed the point – interviewers prefer you to provide reasoning, explanation, or detail, so try to elaborate with examples!
  • If you're looking for detailed technical questions about the language, you should try my Swift tests instead – there are multiple challenges that will work your brain hard.
  • For a whole series of coding challenges, I wrote the perfect book for you: Swift Coding Challenges.

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