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SwiftUI by Example

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SwiftUI by Example is the ultimate SwiftUI cookbook, containing almost 600 pages of tips, tricks, techniques, and more to help you make the most of Apple's exciting new development platform.


If you need SwiftUI example code, SwiftUI by Example is here to help: from core components to custom controls and on to Core Data, you'll find your answers here.


All parts of SwiftUI are covered, including state management, forms, animation, and accessibility, ensuring that nothing is stopping you from building with SwiftUI.


Learn how to use property wrappers such as @State, @ObservedObject, @Environment and more, then see just how to integrate Core Data into your views.


Alongside the hands-on solutions you also get one big project showing off a variety of SwiftUI views and techniques in a real-world setting, in both the book and as a video.

What's in the book

SwiftUI by Example is the largest collection of tips, techniques, and solutions for SwiftUI, delivering almost 600 pages of instantly applicable solutions for common problems. You'll get example code for all of SwiftUI's views, plus details on drawing, animation, profiling, and more.

While reading, you'll learn all this and more:

  • How to use all the basic SwiftUI views: text, images, shapes, and gradients.
  • Laying out views using stacks and GeometryReader.
  • Responding to user input with text fields, sliders, steppers, buttons, and more.
  • Managing state using @State, @ObservedObject, @Environment, and @Binding.
  • Building lists and forms, including moving, editing, and deleting items.
  • Presenting alerts, sheets, and detail views.
  • Transforming views with special effects, rotation, masking, and more.
  • Drawing, animation, and transitions.
  • View composition using custom views, custom modifiers, and wrapping UIView.
  • How to create and customize Core Data fetch requests.

This book is simply packed with tools, tips, and tricks to help you make the most of SwiftUI, so if you want to maximize your learning and builds great apps with SwiftUI there really is nothing better than SwiftUI by Example.

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