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Hacking with macOS

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Whether you have existing iOS skills or you're starting fresh, you can learn macOS coding by building real-world projects with Swift 5.10, SwiftUI, and Xcode – all you need is in this course.


You can always be guaranteed you're learning the latest, greatest Apple technologies because all the SwiftUI tutorials are written for macOS 14 or later.

100% SWIFT 5.10

Don't waste time with out of date tutorials – here you can learn smart, powerful, and expressive Swift the way it was meant to be written.


You learn Swift while you make real macOS projects with SwiftUI, so you can apply new skills immediately and see them work in context.


I've already taught thousands of people how to build iOS apps, and now I'll help you transfer your skills to macOS and unleash the power of your desktop.

What's in the course

Hacking with macOS teaches you Swift and macOS frameworks through real-world SwiftUI projects. The book includes the same comprehensive Swift introduction as Hacking with iOS, but then goes on to teach you how to build amazing macOS apps using SwiftUI, SpriteKit, and more.

While building projects, you'll learn all this and more:

  • How SwiftUI on macOS differs from SwiftUI on iOS.
  • How to build powerful, flexible layouts using SwiftUI – stacks, grids, images, buttons, color pickers, and more.
  • How to build apps that look great in multi-window and tabbed user environments, including menu bars and documents.
  • Custom drawing using SwiftUI's Canvas, as well as rendering text using Markdown.
  • Ensuring great integration with macOS, including custom Settings, About windows, drag and drop, menu bar apps, and more.
  • Working with the filesystem, including reading and writing local and remote data from JSON.
  • Fetching, querying, and filtering data using SwiftData.
  • Building command-line apps to power up your Mac's terminal.
  • Checking and upgrading your app's accessibility, for great integration with VoiceOver.
  • Handling mouse and keyboard events, animation, networking, concurrency, audio, and more.
  • How to create high-performance, physics-enabled 2D games using SpriteKit.
  • BONUS: If you prefer to use AppKit rather than Swift, Hacking with macOS also includes the classic edition of my macOS book teaching you to build 18 AppKit projects – it comes free with your purchase!

Get the project source code here

Hacking with macOS follows the same approach I used with Hacking with iOS: small, standalone projects that teach individual techniques starting from scratch, so you end up with a huge library of finished projects you can develop further or use as the base for something entirely new.

This book teaches you everything you need to build great macOS apps, rather than just a specialized subset of SwiftUI. After all, macOS is a powerful operating system in its own right, and if you want to build software that truly feels at home on the Mac – apps and games that feel Mac-first rather than Mac-ported – it’s important you focus on all the amazing things that make the Mac unique.

Download the table of contents (SwiftUI)

Download free 24-page sample (SwiftUI)

Download the table of contents (AppKit)

Download free 24-page sample (AppKit)

(Your purchase includes both SwiftUI and AppKit editions, so you can follow whichever you prefer.)

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