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Beyond Code

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Being a great developer is more than just writing high-quality software as quickly as you can. That's an important skill – it really is! – but when you want to go from "part-time hacker" to serious software engineer, there are a ton of extra skills that will help you work smarter, deliver software faster, and take your career to the next level.

Includes over 70 videos plus accompanying guide book!

Unix commands

It lies at the heart of macOS and Linux, and has powerful tools that can save you hours of work. Beyond Code includes a comprehensive tutorial for beginners, plus tips for advanced users.

Regular expressions

Regexes help you run complex search and replacement across thousands of files in just a few seconds, so Beyond Code includes tutorials at multiple levels so you can learn as much as you want.

Git source control

We all know Git, but many people struggle to love Git. Beyond Code walks you through Git usage from beginner to advanced, so you can finally use Git the way it was intended


Working in an agile environment? Beyond Code teaches Scrum from scratch, explaining each concept with examples so you can understand how it helps deliver quality software.

What's in the course

Beyond Code brings you a 190-page guide book along with over 70 videos demonstrating techniques hands-on. You'll learn all this and more:

  • The Unix Terminal
    • Why use the command line?
    • A brief tour of the terminal
    • Reading file contents
    • Listing files intelligently
    • Piping one command into another
    • Finding files based on search criteria
    • Searching for text with grep
    • Copying, moving, and deleting files
    • Reading file information
    • Combining commands
    • Terminal tips and tricks
    • Some terminal challenges
    • Remote terminals
    • Terminal multiplexing
  • Regular Expressions
    • Introduction
    • Character classes
    • Quantification
    • Meta characters
    • Grouping
    • Greedy, lazy, and eager matching
    • Escape characters
    • Back references and lookahead
    • Match groups
    • Replacements
    • Back to Grep
  • Git
    • Introduction to version control
    • An abridged tour of Git
    • Git’s design decisions
    • Git for Subversion users
    • Adding and removing files
    • Committing changes
    • Working with the commit log
    • Branching and merging
    • Stashing unsaved changes
    • Remotes
    • Tips and techniques
  • Scrum
    • Introducing Scrum
    • Organizing your team
    • Organizing your tasks
    • Organizing your meetings
    • How to make Scrum work
  • Teamwork
    • Running a great team
    • Building a great environment
    • Communicating effectively

If you want to learn all the meta-skills it takes to be a better coder, Beyond Code is the course for you.

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