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Pro Swift

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Break out of beginner's Swift

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Stop trying to write Swift as if it were Objective-C, and start using powerful, modern technologies such as functional programming, protocol-oriented programming, lazy variables, enum associated values, operator overloading and more.


You'll learn key features such as @autoclosure, rethrows, variadic functions, generics, lazy variables, operator overloading, and more.


You get a 250-page book accompanied by over six hours of video that demonstrates techniques visually, so you can learn whichever way suits you best.


Dive into protocol-oriented programming with real-world examples that let you see for yourself why it's such a revolutionary approach to development.


Struggling with functional programming? Pro Swift explains map(), flatMap(), reduce() and more, using practical examples you can apply immediately.

What's in the course

Pro Swift is a comprehensive toolkit to help you upgrade your Swift skills, delivering a 250-page guide book plus 96 accompanying videos demonstrating techniques live in Xcode.

  • Syntax
  • Types
    • Useful initializers
    • Enums
    • Arrays
    • Sets
    • Tuples
    • Generics
  • References and Values
    • What's the difference?
    • Closures are references
    • Why use structs?
    • Why use classes?
    • Choosing between structs and classes
    • Mixing classes and structs
    • Immutability
  • Functions
  • Errors
    • Error fundamentals
    • Error propagation
    • Throwing functions as parameters
    • try vs try? vs try!
    • Assertions
  • Functional Programming
    • What is functional programming?
    • map()
    • flatMap() – watch low-res sample
    • filter()
    • reduce()
    • sort()
    • Function composition
    • Lazy functions
    • Functors and monads
  • Patterns
    • Object-oriented programming
    • Protocol-oriented programming
    • MVC
    • MVVM
    • Command-line Swift

Pro Swift teaches you to write faster, more efficient Swift with techniques you can apply in your own code immediately – upgrade your skills today!

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