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Swift is a powerful, modern programming language that will continue to grow over the years ahead. But with over a million existing apps written in Objective-C, you almost certainly need to be able to read, write, and maintain both Swift and Objective-C if you want to score a great job making iOS apps.

Build on Swift

This course transfers your Swift skills to Objective-C, and assumes you already know how to make iOS apps – zero time is wasted explaining Swift techniques


You'll learn the complete language, including pointers, blocks, protocols, categories, and Objective-C++ – you'll be equipped to tackle any codebase.


The course includes three projects to help you apply what you learned, plus a video where I walk you through converting a complete Swift project.

New and old

All Objective-C syntax is covered, from old things like ivars to new things like nullability, giving you the skills to work with whatever the world throws at you.


Objective-C for Swift Developers is an accelerated course designed to teach you Objective-C by drawing parallels with your existing Swift knowledge. It includes three complete projects for you to complete, along with example solutions, plus a hands-on video where I walk you through converting a Swift project to Objective-C so you can see exactly how it all works.

  • Overview
    • Concepts
    • Basic syntax
    • Pointers
    • The size of integers
    • What is truth?
    • Format specifiers
  • Data types
    • Strings
    • Numbers
    • Arrays
    • Dictionaries
    • Sets
    • Generics
    • NSValue
    • NSData
    • NSObject
    • id and instancetype
    • NSError
    • Blocks
    • Project 1: Hangman
  • Classes
    • Introduction to classes
    • Methods
    • Properties
    • Creating objects
    • Categories and class extensions
    • Protocols
    • Nullability
    • Project 2: Sci-Fi Quotes
  • Preprocessor
    • Inside the preprocessor
    • Defining object-like macros
    • Metadata macros
    • Defining function-like macros
    • Project 3: Swifty Commits
  • Advanced topics
    • Automatic Reference Counting
    • Autorelease pools
    • Objecive-C++

If you want to complete your iOS development learning then you need Objective-C under your belt, and what better way to learn than by drawing on all the Swift knowledge you have?

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