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Advanced iOS: Volume Three

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Build apps that take advantage of Core ML, ARKit, Siri Shortcuts, notifications, and more – all using hands-on projects.

Image recognition

Train a machine learning model that can accurately distinguish different types of pictures using Core ML.

Sentiment analysis

Intelligently analyze external feeds to extract meaning, then use that to categorize new content.

ARKit 2.0

Learn how object detection and shared experiences allow us to build more interactive AR experiences.

Siri Shortcuts

Connect your app directly to the user's voice using the all-new Siri shortcuts functionality.

What's in the course

Along the way you'll learn:

  • Recognizing your own images using Create ML.
  • Performing sentiment analysis on text.
  • Detecting objects in 3D space using ARKit.
  • Tracking your user's face and gaze.
  • Grouping notifications and adding interactivity.
  • And more!

If you want to help your apps take advantage of iOS power features, there's no faster way than with this book.

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