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DAY 48

Expanding your horizons

You’re almost at the half-way mark for this course, which means you’ve completed nine projects and mastered a whole host of Swift and SwiftUI – I hope you’re feeling proud of what you have accomplished, and are also getting a taste for the extraordinary power of SwiftUI.

Today is a day quite unlike the others you’ve had so far. Before we proceed to the second half of the course, I want to give you a chance to pause and take a short break. You’re still going to be learning about Swift, but in a very different format – you’re going to be watching a video.

One of the greatest privileges given to me is the ability to travel the world and speak at iOS conferences. Not only does it give me the opportunity to hear all the other talks and meet a huge range of people, but it also forces me to pick out a topic I want to speak about, spend the time putting together my thoughts, and package it all up into a presentation I can deliver.

So, today you’re going to watch a talk I delivered at Nextdoor 2018, which was one of the conferences that took place next to Apple’s WWDC18 event. A couple of small parts of the talk are about UIKit – UIStackView is the equivalent of VStack and HStack, in case you’re curious! – but the vast majority of the talk is as useful today as it was when I first made it.

I flew out to San Jose for the week of WWDC, and half my luggage was taken up with a Jedi Knight costume. Why? Well, you’ll need to watch the video…

Today you have one video to watch – enjoy the break!

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