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DAY 98

Project 19, part 3

It’s time to write the final part of our final project, which means implementing three important features: adjusting the UI to make the most of our available space, showing more information about each facility when it’s tapped, and letting the user mark favorites.

The first two of those probably sound easy, but as you’ll see they come with interesting complexities that take some thinking to solve. That’s OK, though – you’re near the very end of the 100 days now, so thinking about complex SwiftUI should be well within the scope of your abilities. These things might have been hard for you four or five weeks ago, but at this point I hope they are almost second nature. As David A. Smith once said, “it’s only hard until it becomes easy.”

Today you have three topics to work through, in which you’ll add support for size classes, show more information about facilities, and let users mark favorite resorts.

That’s another project finished – don’t forget to share your progress with others, because there’s value in staying accountable even now!

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