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DAY 15

Swift review

Congratulations! You made it through all the fundamentals of the Swift programming language. Each day was purposefully very short to give you a solid introduction to the topic, but today is different because we’re going to be reviewing almost everything you learned so far.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “why bother? I already learned this stuff – why go over it again?”

Well, there are several reasons:

  • Repetition helps us learn things more thoroughly. These fundamentals are really important in all the Swift you’ll write, so it’s worth doubling down to make sure you understand them fully.
  • Some concepts only make complete sense when you’ve understood other concepts. Circling back like this will help link together the core Swift concepts in your head.
  • You might have missed something. Let’s face it, you’ve just gone through a ton ofvideos about the most important parts of Swift – are you absolutely sure you remembered all of it?
  • You’ll see how far you’ve come. When you read about arrays and loops – things you might have found challenging previously – hopefully you’ll find them easier now, and feel good that you’re making progress.

And if you do find today easy, that’s okay – immediately afterwards we’ll be starting the SwiftUI projects at which point the difficulty level ramps up. Enjoy the quiet while it lasts!

Today you have just one tutorial to follow, although it’s pretty darn packed. This tutorial recaps almost every topic we’ve covered so far using precise code samples from the various days, and is available either as an hour-long video or one long text article.

Optional: once you’ve finished reviewing that article, you can go back to the review page and go over any tests related to the topics above that you want – it’s your choice/

Bonus: find the Swifty words!

I’ve made a word search to help you test your knowledge of the most useful terms for Swift developers. You can download it as a PDF here, and if you need help you can try looking through my Swift glossary.

There are dozens to find, and words can go in all directions – good luck!

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