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DAY 51

Project 10, part 3

Years ago, a company called Sun Microsystems came up with a slogan that was way ahead of its time: “the network is the computer.” Today it almost seems obvious: we rely on our phones, laptops, and even watches to stay connected wherever we are, so we get push messages, emails, tweets, and more delivered from across the world.

Think about it: the iPhone we have today got its name from the iPod, which in turn got its name from the iMac – a product that launched way back in 1998. Ken Segall, the marketer who came up with the name “iMac”, specifically said the “I” stands for “internet”, because back in the 90s getting online was nothing like as easy as it is today.

So, it’s no surprise that our iPhones – our internet phones – place networking at the very center of their existence, and so many apps become richer and more useful because of an almost guaranteed internet connection. Today, at last, you’re going to add networking to your own apps, and I hope you’re impressed by how easy iOS makes it for us!

Today you have just two topics to work through, in which you’ll create a custom Codable implementation, then use URLSession to send and receive data over the internet.

That’s another app finished – don’t forget to share your progress with others!

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