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DAY 44

Project 9, part 2

Today we’re going to be continuing our look at SwiftUI’s navigation by moving beyond the basics – how to handle programmatic navigation, but also how to load and save navigation paths so you can restore your app's state.

That last part is a small but important part of app development, but sadly too many developers just don't take the time to get it right. Think about it: you use an app for a while, you navigate to something precise, and then you leave the app for a while to do something else. Wouldn't it be nice if things just came back as they were when you relaunched the app later on, even if "later on" actually means a few days later?

This is just one of today's topics, and I hope you take the time to get it right. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “we aim above the mark to hit the mark" – it's always a good thing to do the best you can, because if you fall short you'll still be in a great place!

Anyway, enough chat – let’s get to it!

Today you have four topics to work through, in which you’ll learn about programmatic navigation, NavigationPath, Codable support, and more.

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