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DAY 93

Project 18, part 2

Today we’re continuing our technique project on view layout, exploring one of the most powerful layout views we have available to us: GeometryReader. This lets us read the size and position for a view at runtime, and keep reading those values as they change over time.

I realize that probably doesn’t sound terribly special, but it opens the door to a number of fascinating effects that look great and only take one or two lines of code to create. Yes, one or two – once you understand how GeometryReader works I really hope you’re able to take some time to experiment!

As the British poet William Blake once said, “the true method of knowledge is experiment,” so if you really want this stuff to stick in your head you should play around with it!

Today you have three topics to work through, in which you’ll learn about frames, coordinate spaces, GeometryReader, and more.

If you make some fun effects, try recording a video and sharing it online – it’s a great way to stay accountable, but also to show folks how far you’ve come!

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