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Complex data types

Lynch’s Law says “when the going gets tough, everyone leaves.” Anyone can complete the first day of a course, but it takes diligence to come back for day 2 – well done for sticking with it!

Yesterday we looked at simple data types – things that hold one value, like a single number or a single string of letters. Today we’re moving on to complex types, that hold multiple values or aren’t quite so straightforward.

At various points you might think “do I really need to know this?” And the answer is yes – if it’s here in this course, you absolutely need to know it!

Today you have eleven one-minute videos to watch, and you’ll meet things like arrays, dictionaries, and enums. Once you’ve watched each video there’s a short test to help make sure you’ve understood what was taught.

  1. Arraystest
  2. Setstest
  3. Tuplestest
  4. Arrays vs sets vs tuplestest
  5. Dictionariestest
  6. Dictionary default valuestest
  7. Creating empty collectionstest
  8. Enumerationstest
  9. Enum associated valuestest
  10. Enum raw valuestest
  11. Complex types: Summarytest

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