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Simple data types, part 2

Lynch’s Law says “when the going gets tough, everyone leaves.” Anyone can complete the first day of a course, but it takes diligence to come back for day 2 – well done for sticking with it!

Yesterday we began looking at simple data types – things that hold one value, like a single number or a single string of letters. Today we’re continuing that as we explore storing truth with Booleans, and building up strings with interpolation. At various points you might think “do I really need to know this?” And the answer is yes – if it’s here in this course, you absolutely need to know it!

But today something important happens, because you’re also going to have your first checkpoint. This is where we’re going to pause so you can write some code of your own, to make sure you’ve fully understood what was presented. Starting with a blank canvas is going to be hard at first, but you should have lots of time and I’ll be providing hints too.

Today you have two new tutorials to follow, plus a summary and a checkpoint to complete. As before, if you want to dive deeper into each topic there is some optional further reading, but you don’t need to read that unless you want to.

  1. How to store truth with Booleans
  2. How to join strings together
  3. Summary: Simple data

When you’re ready, please proceed onto the checkpoint:

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