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DAY 67

Project 13, part 6

This was a difficult project, mostly because as soon as we bring in one part of UIKit you also need to learn a fair amount of its baggage. If you had learned pure UIKit then this wouldn’t be a problem, because of course UIKit code works great when you use it with other UIKit code; it only really becomes a problem when we try to bring the two worlds together.

Like it or not, you’re going to need to know about UIKit for the foreseeable future: it isn’t going away, and if anything is more likely to get even more powerful in the future. Remember, there are hundreds of millions of lines of code out there all written for UIKit, and if you intend to get a job building iOS apps then you’ll need to learn to love it.

Today is a challenge today, so it’s time for you to read the wrap up chapter, take the test for this project, then complete the three challenges. As the astronaut John Young said, “the greatest enemy of progress is the illusion of knowledge” – it’s much better to take the time to challenge yourself now than assume you know it all, only to find later on that those things you “knew” weren’t quite right!

Today you should work through the wrap up chapter for project 13, complete its review, then work through all three of its challenges.

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