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DAY 43

Project 9, part 1

Today kicks off another new technique project where we’ll be focusing on navigation. This is an area of SwiftUI we touched on just briefly in the previous project, but really lies at the core of practically every app you'll build.

As you'll see, navigation is really broken down into two major types: navigation driven by user interaction, and programmatic navigation that you trigger yourself. Both are important, and you'll find yourself mixing the two freely.

One thing you'll be exploring later on is the difference between using navigation and using sheets. Both matter, and you'll certainly use both on a regular occasion, but as you're working through these days I want you to think carefully about what each choice means and why you think you'd use one rather than the other – as John Maxwell said, "find your why and you'll find your way.

Today you have three topics to work through, in which you’ll learn a smarter, more flexible approach to navigation using navigation presentation values and the navigationDestination() modifier.

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