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DAY 71

Project 14, part 4

It’s taken a while to get to this point, but today you’re going to put in place some app features using remarkably little code – this should be a relatively easy day!

More specifically, you’ll see how to show different UI based on an enum’s value, how to add custom Comparable conformance to some data we fetched from a network request, and more. There are some important techniques here, but they really do take our app up a notch.

If you’re finding it hard, you’d do well to remember what William Eardley once said: “ambition is the path to success, persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.” You showed ambition for starting this course, and now you’ve made it to day 71 you’re clearly showing persistence too!

Today you have two topics to work through, in which you’ll make network calls, add Comparable conformance, and more.

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