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Loops are one of the things that make computers so utterly brilliant: the ability to repeat some simple task billions of times every second.

Of course, what goes in those loops is down to you: you might be adding some numbers, you might be reading some sensor data, or you might be redrawing the screen 120 times a second. As Craig Bruce said, “it’s hardware that makes a machine fast, but it’s software that makes a fast machine slow.”

The point is that they allow us to take some simple job – “blow out a candle”, for example – and repeat it a number of times. So rather than writing the code “blow out a candle then blow out a candle then blow out a candle then…”, which would be rather boring if you were celebrating a 75th birthday, you instead say “for each candle on the cake, blow out the candle” and the computer takes care of the rest.

Today you have eight one-minute videos to watch, and you’ll meet things like for loops, infinite loops, and more. Once you’ve watched each video there’s a short test to help make sure you’ve understood what was taught.

  1. For loopstest
  2. While loopstest
  3. Repeat loopstest
  4. Exiting loopstest
  5. Exiting multiple loopstest
  6. Skipping itemstest
  7. Infinite loopstest
  8. Looping summarytest

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