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Wrap up

Recorded – watch the full episode on YouTube.

Paul Hudson: Ellen, thank you so much for your time. Where can folks find you on the web?

Ellen Shapiro: So I am always on Twitter @designatednerd and you can find me there. You can find me working on the Apollo graft UL iOS repo. So that's If you want to see a whole lot of cat pictures, you can go to Those are basically the good places to follow me online. I basically never shut up on Twitter, so it that's a good place to find me usually.

Paul Hudson: Okay. And folks, if you enjoy this video, you should hit like because it helps you to recommend it to other folks. And of course, subscribe to the channel, because there are more of these coming. But subscribe, like the channel, like the video, all that nice YouTube stuff. And I will see you next episode. Again, thanks Ellen. Take care folks.

Ellen Shapiro: Bye!

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