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Hacking with Swift

Swiftly Speaking

These are edited transcriptions of interviews that took place on my Swiftly Speaking YouTube series. You can watch the full videos, check out the Swiftly Speaking Snippets playlist for some highlights, or subscribe using your preferred podcast app.

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James Thomson

We talk to James Thomson about his work on PCalc, app marketing, and project management for indie developers.

App marketing

Indie project management

Keeping up to date

Ellen Shapiro

We talk to Ellen Shapiro about her work on GraphQL, tips for testing, and more.



And more

John Sundell

We talk to John Sundell about getting a job as an iOS developer, improving your Swift skills, and more.

Getting a job

Improving your skills

Writing about Swift

And more

Kaya Thomas

We talk to Kaya Thomas about Swift, making the most of push notifications, life at a big company, and more.


Shipping a side project

Using push notifications

Working for a big company

Daniel Steinberg

We talk to Daniel Steinberg about learning functional programming, using Combine, and keeping up to date with Swift Evolution.

Functional programming


Swift Evolution

Janina Kutyn

We talk to Janina Kutyn about optimizing UIKit layouts, CALayer, and building adaptive layouts for iPhone and iPad.

UIKit performance

Core Animation layers

Adaptive layouts

Sean Allen

We talk to Sean Allen about learning iOS development, doing your best at take-home tests, and acing job interviews.

How to learn iOS development

Take-home tests

Interview tips

Paola Mata

We talk to Paola Mata about life as a senior developer, making the most of Swift's enums, and working in the community.

Being a senior developer

Swift enums

Working in the community

Meng To

We talk to Meng To about SwiftUI, some more SwiftUI, and how developers can improve their design skills.

SwiftUI for designers

SwiftUI for developers

Design for developers

About these transcripts

These interviews were recorded live on YouTube, with questions from myself and from the audience. Transcribing them into a format that is easy to follow took a lot of work, but it's more than worth it so that everyone can find them regardless of their access needs.

In order to make these as useful as possible, these are edited transcripts. Sometimes folks make false starts when talking, they say something then correct themselves, or they lose their train of thought – all things our brain handles great when you hear it live, but can be confusing when written down as a transcript. This is particularly confusing when used with screenreaders such as VoiceOver.

As a result, we've lightly edited these transcripts to make them easier to follow. If you'd like to see the originals for yourself, they are all on YouTube.

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