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Paul Hudson: Welcome back to Swiftly Speaking! My name is Paul Hudson. This is episode 11, and this time I have Chris Lattner with me, who is the creator and founder of Swift at Apple back in 2010, when it all started.

Today, I have lots of questions about Swift’s beginnings, the evolution of Swift in the very early days, how folks can approach learning Swift today when it's a much more mature language, and also how Swift Evolution itself is going as a community process. There are lots of folks here on YouTube as well, who can hopefully bring their own questions. I'll do my best to ask as many as I can, but please try and keep your questions about the topic. There's lots of you here, which is great to see, but if you ask about random things like Xcode for iPad or whatever it's very hard to follow along. So please try and keep up with the current topic!

All right, that's it from me, Chris, how are you doing?

Chris Lattner: I'm doing great, Paul. Thanks for having me.

Paul Hudson: Are you still in lockdown over there, or are you out of it now?

Chris Lattner: We're getting a little bit more flexibility in terms of when we're allowed to leave our closet and go out into the rest of the house now. There's some flexibility, but where we are we're being pretty conservative and I think that's good. The US is not doing as well as certain other parts of the world in this case.

Paul Hudson: Trust me, I live in the UK: we have it a very, very bad too!

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