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Setting up

If you’ve read from the introduction to here you’re now a fairly competent iOS developer. You’ve learned a lot about the Swift language, but also UIKit, SpriteKit, Auto Layout, MapKit, iBeacons, Core Graphics, Core Image and more all from scratch, using incremental learning and real projects to make the experience fun and productive.

At this point, the pace changes a little. I’d still encourage you to follow the projects in sequence, but for these final projects I no longer enforce a strict app-game-technique series. Instead, the goal is to try to fill in the gaps: some things I missed earlier because they were complicated, some things I missed and I wanted to add based on reader feedback, but quite a few things got added by Apple after I wrote the first 30 projects. These final projects aim will really help round out your knowledge.

Now for the important stuff: what are we going to build? Well, we’re going to start with two great new features first seen in iOS 9: UIStackView and iPad multitasking. Both of these are stand out technologies in iOS 9, and, remarkably, both are so easy to adopt that we can make this entire project in about 20 minutes. We're also going to touch on Size Classes briefly for the first time, so there's a lot to learn.

The project itself is called Multibrowser, and it shows one or more web views that the user can simultaneously browse. So, you could have one pane with live sports results, one pane with the latest news, and another on Reddit – just like Safari tabs, except they are all visible at the same time. I'll be using UIWebView for this project rather than WKWebView, but it's easy enough to change in your own project if you want to.

Please go ahead and create a new project in Xcode, choosing the Single View App template. Name it Project31, then choose Swift for your language. When the project is created, use the project editor so that it’s iPad-only – multitasking is only available as an iPad feature.

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