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Hacking with Swift+ turns 1!

New features include ad-free browsing, online books, and more.

Paul Hudson       @twostraws

One year ago today I launched Hacking with Swift+, and already I’ve released over 130 articles and videos covering advanced Swift, SwiftUI, special effects, algorithms, and so much more – it’s been incredible, and I’m really grateful for everyone who subscribed. But I’m not resting on my laurels.

Six months ago I announced that everyone who subscribed for at least a year would get exclusive free gifts mailed to them wherever they lived in the world, and three months ago I added all the videos from Hacking with Swift Live 2020 as another bonus.

Today I’m really pleased to reveal the next set of enhancements:

  • All Hacking with Swift+ subscribers can now browse the whole site with no advertising – that means no sponsor text in the page, no fixed gray bar along the top of articles, and no “buy our books” sidebar on the right. Instead, every page on the site is wider and more streamlined for an optimized reading experience.
  • There’s a new private forum exclusively for Hacking with Swift+ subscribers to ask question questions and chat.
  • I’ve started the process of adding chapter markers to all the Hacking with Swift+ videos. This will take some time to complete, but work has already begun.
  • All Hacking with Swift+ subscribers can enjoy a 20% discount on the download editions of my books and bundles, available year round.

All that is on top of the existing benefits of subscribing.

But we can do better!

I’ve seen some other sites offer enhanced subscriptions that include online access to their books, charging a lot more for the privilege.

That isn’t how I work.

I realized some time ago that as long as I was making enough money to be happy, I didn’t need to earn more – that’s part of the reason I run so many charity events, give away books to folks who need them, and publish so much free content.

So I set out to make a Hacking with Swift+ subscription that gave folks my books to read online without having to break the bank. Obviously I also wanted to avoid the problem of folks getting a one-month subscription, downloading everything, then cancelling, because that would probably bankrupt me!

The result? I think I’ve come up with a solution that works for everyone: after you have subscribed to Hacking with Swift+ for 18 months, you’ll automatically gain access to 15 complete books to read online, for as long as your membership remains active.

That includes all the big hitters – Pro Swift, Swift Design Patterns, Testing Swift, Swift Coding Challenges, Hacking with macOS, and more, all available for free to read online.

Why 18 months? Because by that point you’ve already done a huge amount to support my work, and this is another way I can say thank you for all your trust.

If you’re already a subscriber and are curious how many months you’ve subscribed for, just scroll to the end of any page on Hacking with Swift and you’ll see your current subscription status there.

There are a few extra things you should know:

  • Not every book is available for online reading. For example, Dive Into SpriteKit is really complex thanks to its branching nature, so I need to find a way to handle that uniquely.
  • If you cancel your Hacking with Swift+ membership your access to the online books will end once your subscription ends. Think of it like Netflix for Swift books.
  • You need to accrue 18 months of Hacking with Swift+ membership in order to access the books. These months can be contiguous or noncontiguous; it doesn’t matter if you have a break in the middle.
  • If you prefer a download copy of any book, you can use your Hacking with Swift+ subscriber discount to save 20% on all books and bundles year round.

It took a huge amount of work to get all the books ready for online reading, but I feel sure you’ll love the end result!

So, that’s the latest upgrades to Hacking with Swift+ – enhanced reading experience, a private forum, chapter markers for videos, a year-round 20% discount on all books and bundles, and free online books for long-term subscribers, and that’s all on top of all the exclusive HWS+ tutorials, free gifts, and more.

Thank you to everyone who has subscribed so far! Your support helps me continue building the world’s largest site for Swift developers, and I’m excited to continue making Hacking with Swift+ the best it can be.

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