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27th June, 2020
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27th June, 2020
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For years, I have used applications the way other developers and their companies wanted me to. I have, since my first Sinclair ZX80 wanted to program. My father brought this little thing home and he developed a lunar lander game for it. He worked for Honeywell at the time programming computers for the shuttle program.

You would think with a childhood like that, that I would have had a natural mentor to learn to code under. My father, let's just say this isn't the place for me to describe my relationship with him, but he was good at looking for your errors but didn't teach. This was with my homework, so I didn't dare take my passion for wanting to make computers do my bidding. Enough on family :)

I have a Bachelors in Electronic Engineering, I got it the summer of 2001 and, well 20,000 engineers were laid off as I graduated. So my EE never really served me in my professional life. I do find it a little bit of a benefit when I am learning to code because I can think of logic operators as logic gates with something on the input other than a + b.

As much as I would love to work as a coder one day, I am unsure whether some of my other obstacles will get in my way. So this is an advanced hobby for me.

Some of this is in my Hello HWS, some is more for my bio.

Other interest include but limited to - Playing Guitar, Reading, Gaming and bing watching anything that will help distract me.

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