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Hi, I'm David. I am on day two of 100 days of Swift.

If I ask questions, it's because I have looked for the answer and couldn't find it or because I hardly understand the question enough to feel confident that my findings are accurate.

My goals here are quite simple. I want to learn Swift. I don't know that I can make a career of it as I have other obstacles in my way, but I have often come across apps which were either buggy or I didn't care for the layout. So, my goal is to write apps I want to use. If I one day publish, that could be cool, but I code for myself at this moment. I believe this philosphy will make my learning Swift less challenging as I am not puttung undue stress on the topic.

As Paul mentions in his 100 days of Swift intro, I have been chomping at the bit to make Swift my first language since it released. I just didn't have the coding chops to make it on my own.

A little more about me, I got my first MacBook Pro used off eBay. I was skeptical but extremely interested. That was the spring before Swift 1.0 released. I was amazed by the performance on this laptop. It was stomping my other laptops. I looked at Apple Script, thinking it was a starter language. Back then tutorials were painful because Apple was updating swift faster than I could follow tutorials, which is awesome for Swift and the community, but was a little overwhelming for me.

I have a new mac, I am ready to do this again. This time theres 100 days of Swift and 100 days of SwiftUI

Thank you Paul for this amazing resource. I have been all over and have bought into some teaching plans, none have turned out as yours has by this point.

I am excited to see what I can learn, and what I can do with what I learn.


Welcome to this awesome community and happy coding. Just stick with it and it'll eventually grow on you. And here you have plethora of information to guide you. HWS is the best resource on the wbe for Swift!


Great stuff David,

I've worked as a programmer for 24 years, but not on Apple kit. I started creating apps for iOS in 2011 as a hobby as I'd always wanted to develop for Apple. I've now got three apps on the App Store and one on the Mac App Store - only simple, mostly, but I really enjoyed creeating them and seeing them out there.

I've started learning Swift and SwiftUI in earnest as it looks great and even though I was a C developer from '85 onwards I much prefer Swift to Objective-C. Also, weirdly, I don't find Optionals difficult. Yet, anyway! :-)

I have an idea for several years now for an app I've wanted to make and I've decided that now is the time to roll up my sleeves so it will be written with Swift and SwiftUI. I'm excited but slightly daunted by learning both a new language and a 'replacement' for UIKit all at once, but then it was just like that when I started with my first app anyway. I also know that SwiftUI can't replace UIKit until Apple make it so, but for my needs, I suspect that SwiftUI V2 that's just been announced will suit me and if not, then V3! ;-)

A thrilling time to be developing for all Apple's platforms.


Thank you for the warm welcome guys. :)


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