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Wrap up

You've just finished two hard projects back to back, and regardless of how much you have learned you deserve kudos for all your patience. This project required you to follow several long steps before you could see your code run. I hope it was worth it, and I hope in retrospect that you can see why all the code was needed.

Along the way, you've learned all about SKShapeNode, AVAudioPlayer, UIBezierPath, custom enums, default method parameters, and more, so you're several steps closer to your goal of being an experienced Swift developer. Well done!

If you're looking to improve this project some more, and you're able to steer yourself away from the particle editor for a few minutes, why not have a go at removing the magic numbers in the createEnemy() method. Instead, define them as constant properties of your class, giving them useful names. You could also try adding a new and fast-moving type of enemy that awards the player bonus points if they hit it.

You did it! Now what?

You finished another project, and I'm glad Hacking with Swift helped you. Now I need your help. Please take just a moment out of your day to tell others about Hacking with Swift so they can benefit too.

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Thank you. Your support is what keeps me going!


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