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MapKit create custom places and navigate to them

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Hello everybody,

I´m trying to create custom places (for example buildings that dont exist in the mapKit). I want to add them to the map, so that i can navigate to them. For example create a place named "Busstop" and be able to get the route to it. I created a annotation for the Busstop, but was not able to get the route to it. And if i then type "Busstop" into the searchar, after creating it, it should navigate me there, but it isn´t working...

Do anybody know how to do that in swift with MapKit?

Best greetings


I´m trying to create custom places, for example buildings that dont exist in the mapKit.

On the 68th day of the wonderful 100 Days of SwiftUI course, you get to tackle Project 14 called BucketList. Just wondering why this great tutorial didn't answer your questions? What is it about Project 14 that misses the point? (Please be specific and it would help if you show your Project 14 code that doesn't work.)

See -> Project 14 - Bucket List


Thank you:) I will try to implement it again. It´s not a ChatGPT question, or what do you mean with this?


Please explain in detail...


I'm grateful. I'll attempt to apply it once more. What do you mean by this, or is that not a ChatGPT question?


Thank you:) I will try to implement it again




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