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iOS 11 unleashed a whole range of powerful new tools for you to build intelligent apps, and this book helps you get started with them as quickly as possible: Core ML, Vision, ARKit, and more!

Machine Learning

Take advantage of Core ML to deliver intelligent new apps that can proactively assist your users.


Learn how to augment reality with slick interactive graphics thanks to Apple's new ARKit framework.

Drag & Drop

Let users move data freely inside your app and others too using powerful new multi-touch gestures.


NFC reading, PDFView, Vision, MusicKit, the new iOS 11 design language, and more!


Practical iOS 11 will include seven all-new projects that teach all the major changes introduced in iOS 11, plus technique projects that deep-dive into smaller features.

A new installment of the book is being released every 72 hours until the book is completed. Each update will also include any corrections or amendments as the iOS 11 beta progresses.

The finished book will include:

  • A comprehensive introduction to the major new features in Swift 4.
  • How to use Core ML and the Vision framework to leverage machine learning in your own apps.
  • The all-new PDFKit framework, delivering fast and efficient PDF rendering on iOS.
  • How to integrate drag and drop into your apps, both using built-in controls and custom controls.
  • Building a complete game from scratch using ARKit's augmented reality technology.
  • Taking advantage of the new MusicKit APIs to work with Apple Music.
  • Reading and acting on NFC tags using Core NFC.
  • Using the new depth-mapping APIs exposed through the iPhone 7 Plus camera.
  • Updating your app for the new iOS 11 look and feel.
  • And more – iOS 11 is packed with new features to learn!

If you want to take advantage of all the incredible new functionality provided in iOS 11, there's no faster way than Practical iOS 11.