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If you want to join Hacking with Swift+ or post to our forums you must first log in to the site, or create an account if you have not already done so.

User authentication is handled by GitHub, which means when you click the button below you'll be transferred there to either log in to your GitHub account or create a free account there. Once that completes you'll be brought back here to complete the process.

Click here to authenticate using GitHub


Why do I need to log in?

At this time, authentication is required to join Hacking with Swift+ and post messages to the forums. We may add further functionality in the future.

Why do I need a GitHub account?

Authenticating using GitHub means we don't need to store secure data about you, such as a password. It also means GitHub takes care of checking your email address is valid, blocking bots, and so on.

Why don't you use Sign In With Apple?

Sign In With Apple is a really great technology, but it also requires that the website be attached to a specific iOS app. A side benefit of using GitHub is that in the future we hope to let you link to your work there, such as completing the 100 Days of Swift.

What data do you store about me?

When you authenticate using GitHub, they send us information such as your user ID (a number), your username (e.g. "twostraws"), and your full name (e.g. "Paul Hudson"). We store your user ID so that we can authenticate you in the future, and we use the other two fields to pre-fill our new account form. You can of course change them; GitHub's data is just used as a starting point.

How come you show my picture?

We're just reading your avatar from GitHub – another thing they take care of for us!

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