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SwiftUI view as complication

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Hi guys!

Me again and I’m wondering if there’s anyone out there who’s played with WatchKit and using SwiftUI views as complications. Going through wwdc20 vids atm but would love a tutorial or something so I can make sense of it all.

I'm closer now I think,

Ive created the descriptors for the complication view here:

func getComplicationDescriptors(handler: @escaping ([CLKComplicationDescriptor]) -> Void) {
        var descriptors : [CLKComplicationDescriptor] = []
        descriptors.append(CLKComplicationDescriptor(identifier: "ComplicationView",
                                                     displayName: "Complication View",
                                                     supportedFamilies: [.circularSmall]))
        // Call the handler with the supported complication descriptors

And now I have to create the template and I know this is wrong, but would love some pointers for some help. Thanks

func createTemplate(
        forComplication complication: CLKComplication,
        date: Date) -> CLKComplicationTemplate? {
        let defaultTemplate: (CLKComplicationFamily) -> CLKComplicationTemplate = { family -> CLKComplicationTemplate in
              // Return a default complication template for the given family
        switch (, complication.identifier) {
            case (.circularSmall, "ComplicationView"):
                return CLKComplicationTemplateGraphicCircularView(ComplicationView())

Thanks Mark


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