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Why does using LazyHStack with ScrollView break .onTapGesture/.sheet in a child view?

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I have encountered a learning opportunity where I could use some input. I was having a problem with initiating a sheet view based on a tapGesture in a child view of a ScrollView.

Everything worked as expected up to the .onTapGesture in PhotoPickerImageView. When tapping on the thumbnail that is presented, the sheet (ImageViewer) would not display. As soon as I changed the LazyHStack in ItemsFilteredView to an HStack, the problem was resolved. That is, tapping on the thumbnail in PhotoPickerView initiates the ImageViewer sheet view. Why am I not able to use the LazyHStack in this scenario?

I have fixed the problem, but would like to understand why. thanks -- jay

struct ItemsFilteredView: View {
    ScrollView(.horizontal) {
        LazyHStack {   // after changing this to HStack, the problem resolved
            ForEach(items) { item in
                ItemView(item: item)
struct ItemView: View {
    NavigationStack {
        VStack {
            LazyVGrid(columns: columns) {
                ForEach(data, id: \.self) { data in
                    let uiImage = UIImage(data: data)
                    PhotoPickerImageView(uiImage: uiImage!)
struct PhotoPickerImageView: View {
    Image(uiImage: uiImage)
        .onTapGesture {
            isImageViewerPresented = true
        .sheet(isPresented: $isImageViewerPresented) {


@shan0011 thanks for taking the time to respond. I'm wondering if you were answering a question from a different post. My problem had nothing to do with the error or the code you described. See my description above for my scenario.


anyone have feedback on this? I would like to understand the issue. And, ideally, I would like to use the LazyHStack if I could get it to work as expected. thanks


One last bounce... hoping for some guidance / education on this one. I would like to return to LazyHStack, but can't for the reasons I describe above.


Hi @jayelevy

  1. Do you have a NavigationStack in the Parent View (ItemsFilteredView)? If so remove it from ItemView

  2. Have you tried putting it in a Button?

    Button {
    isImageViewerPresented = true
    } label: {
    Image(uiImage: uiImage)


@NigelGee thanks for the response. No, no NavigationStack in the (Grand)parent view (ItemsFilteredView). Unfortunately the Button approach makes no difference.

As I've continued to troubleshoot, I am observing the following behavior.

The tap (or button press) is successful (verified through a print statement immediately prior to setting isImageViewerPresented). As I scroll through the LazyHStack and tap on photos it seems the view I expect (ImageViewer) is put on a stack somewhere.

Meaning... after I tap on a few photos in the view within the LazyHStack, the ImageViewer view does not display as expected. HOWEVER, if I then change the filtered view in the grandparent (ItemsFilteredView), the images start appearing via ImageViewer -- sequentially, one after another for each photo that was tapped, as if they were queued views.

This behavior does not happen if I use the HStack instead of LazyHStack.

I imagine that is confusing to follow.

Troubleshooting this queued (but hidden!) stack of views is outside of my current skill level.

edit: I realized, in fact, I do have a NavigationStack at the topmost view. I removed the NavigationStack in ItemView as it was serving no purpose. Still no difference, though, in the behavior I describe above. Still not working with LazyHStack


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