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SOLVED: Weird issue with DateComponentsFormatter

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I must be missing something horribly obvious, but the line that requests padding format creates 6 xcode errors! Consecutive declarations etc The examples I referred to in Apple docs and HWS seem to use this identical syntax?

import SwiftUI
import AVFoundation

struct TimerView: View {
    @State var startTape: AVAudioPlayer?
    @State private var elapsedTime: TimeInterval = 0
    @State private var showTimer = false
    @State private var startTime = Date.now

    let formatInt = DateComponentsFormatter()
    formatInt.zeroFormattingBehavior = .pad

    let timer = Timer.publish(every: 1, on: .main, in: .common).autoconnect()

        var body: some View {
            VStack {
                Text(formatInt.string(from: elapsedTime)!)
                    .onReceive(timer) { _ in
                            elapsedTime = Date().timeIntervalSince(startTime)


let formatInt = DateComponentsFormatter()
formatInt.zeroFormattingBehavior = .pad

That second line can't appear where you have it. It needs to be inside a method or a computed property.

So do this instead:

lazy var formatInt: DateComponentsFormatter = {
    let formatter = DateComponentsFormatter()
    formatter.zeroFormattingBehavior = .pad
    return formatter

This is what's called a lazy variable.


Ha! Thanks @roosterboy That would have taken me a while to find based on the unhelpful error messages.


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