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SOLVED: ViewModifier properties (let or var?)

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I have this ViewModifier in order to group 4 modifiers in just one in order to use with more than one View:

struct FadeInWithOffsetAnimation: ViewModifier {
    let opacityAmount: Double
    let opacityDelay: Double
    let offsetAmount: Double
    let offsetDelay: Double

    func body(content: Content) -> some View {
            .offset(y: offsetAmount)
            .animation(.spring(response: 0.8, dampingFraction: 0.7, blendDuration: 0).delay(offsetDelay), value: offsetAmount)
            .animation(.default.delay(opacityDelay), value: opacityAmount)

extension View {
    func fadeInWithOffsetAnimation(opacityAmount: Double, opacityDelay: Double, offsetAmount: Double, offsetDelay: Double) -> some View {
        modifier(FadeInWithOffsetAnimation(opacityAmount: opacityAmount, opacityDelay: opacityDelay, offsetAmount: offsetAmount, offsetDelay: offsetDelay))

I use it by this way:

@State private var opacityAnimationAmount = 0.0
@State private var offsetAnimationAmount = 20.0

VStack {
  VStack {
  .fadeInWithOffsetAnimation(opacityAmount: opacityAnimationAmount, opacityDelay: 0.2, offsetAmount: offsetAnimationAmount, offsetDelay: 0.3)
.onAppear {
            opacityAnimationAmount = 1.0
            offsetAnimationAmount = 0.0

How should the struct properties be declared? I have seen code both ways. I know that whenever possible we should use let over var but I don't know if in this scenario it would be correct. Either way the code works as expected.



Use let. There is no need for var since you won't be changing the values of the modifier. If the values you pass in (opacityAnimationAmount, etc.) change, the entire View will be rerendered, including the modifier with its new values.


Thank you so much!


Utilize "let" instead of "var" since the values of the modifier won't change. When you pass in new values (opacityAnimationAmount, etc.), the entire View will be rerendered, including the modifier with its updated values.


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