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Use new .onChange modifier with Picker

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I have a Picker setup as a segmented control which modifies a property in an environment object. When that property is modified, I would like to use the new .onChange modifier to set a local binding's value.

    @EnvironmentObject var tvm: TrucksViewModel
    @Binding var slideoverPosition: CGFloat


         //status picker
         Picker(selection: $tvm.status, label: Text("Status")) {
           .onChange (of: tvm.status) {

When I include the .onChange modifier I can't seem to figure out what the proper value of the of: parameter should be. I have tried tvm.status and $tvm.status but I keep getting an error like:

Cannot convert value of type 'String' to expected argument type '()'

Not sure how to fix this. Any help would be appreciated.



Solution found!

                        .onChange(of: tvm.status, perform: { (value) in


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