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SOLVED: UltimatePortfolio: 6. Storing tab selection

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This step suggests we should use the notification center to catch the app going into the background and takes that opportunity to save any pending changes to the data.

Is there a reason to use notification center instead of SwiftUI's version, that appears to do the same thing, which is:

      .onChange(of: scenePhase) { newPhase in
          switch newPhase {
          case .background:
          case .inactive:
          case .active:
          @unknown default:


@twostraws  Site AdminHWS+

Yes: this API isn't ideal on macOS – it doesn't trigger when a window moves to the background, because "background" means something else entirely on macOS. I'd love to hear alternatives that work well on all platforms, but right now watching for a platform-specific notification seems to work best.


Thank you for your quiuck response. I appreciate it. I will change my code to what yoou showed. I assumed you had a reason, or I thought maybe this API was not available when you recorded the tutorial.

Your course has already answered several of my issues with CoreData and SwiftUI.

Thank you again.


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